Decentralized permissionless cross-chain infrastructure for self-sovereign identity

Decentralized Identities (DID) are the next-generation Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) offering a decentralized permissionless shared-ledger and cross-chain-technology for Self-Sovereign Identity.

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It’s time to reverse the centralization, the indiscriminate commodification of data, and in particular the erosion of personal privacy that sadly have become hallmarks of today’s digital world.

It is time for the open, borderless, and secure identity verification of self-sovereign identity. Hydraledger gives anyone full control over their data and their personal and professional connections.

• Transparency
• Control
• Accessibility

Hydraledger built a self-sovereign identity framework based on W3C standards to provide SSI solutions, store schemas, decentralized IDs (DIDs), keys, rights, and proof timestamps on a ledger for public verification, keeping verifiable claim (VCs) off-ledger.



Centralization has been the norm of the world for too long. And, it has recruited data theft, privacy infringement, and other digital and non-digital nefarious elements along with it. People have become scared of putting their trust in something that was developed to help them.

Hydraledgers utility Token Hydra (HYD) will create more advanced authorization and protection of personal information. It’s time we realize that the once-trusted third party is not so trustworthy anymore. Therefore, Hydraledger newly developed decentralized protocols, tools, will ensure secure identity verification of self-sovereign identity.



By making Hydraledger technology accessible to more people, Hydra’s Blockchain is opening up to allow other Blockchain users to use DID and SSI solutions.

Use Cases

Blockchain Notary

You can get notary services for any of the transactions you make with us. Your documents will be encrypted and computed with a cryptographic hash. The generated cryptographic information is then stored on the Blockchain and the link will be released to you. It is viable for life.


The “Freie Deutsche Gesellschaft” Foundation is creating the first virtual community issuing their own documents and governing themselves based on DID technology. You also get to experience decentralized, effective communication and considerable protection against hackers and censorship..


You can make payment into your crypto wallet, save money, receive money and perform all types of digital transactions with Vendible. Vendible is backed by the Algorand Foundation and some US Banks and is going to utilize Hydraledger DID on their platform.



The main product is the IOP Console which is an SaaS platform for all identity management processes. With it, all types of business and supply chain transaction can be controlled in a verifiable, secure and verifiable manner. With the use of SSIs (self-sovereign identities), persons, organisations as well as things receive the possibility of managing their digital identity themselves, to control it and to determine which personal attributes are to be transmitted in the course of an authentication process. For this purpose, DIDs (Decentralised IDentifiers) can be created and authenticated (e.g. the post) and used as verifiable certificates, so-called VCs (Verified Credentials).