The myth about Hydra ...

... proverbially stands for those situations in which any attempt at containment or suppression leads exclusively to expansion or escalation.

I, as part of the Hydra, move forward because I believe that ...

... civil liberty is absolute
... economic freedom is absolute
... privacy is an inalienable right.

And because there are still strong forces opposing it,
I continue to evolve, to grow.

Hydra advances because I ...

.... condemn authoritarian injustice

... reject monopolies and centralism

... reject fascism.

Hydra is irreversible because Hydra Everyone is a head of the Hydra. All independent and individual, but connected at heart. If one head is chopped off, two more will take its place. My vision is immortal because I am many.

What and who
is Hydraledger?

Digital identity is an infrastructure necessary to do most everything on the Internet. And while there have been many solutions through the years, It remains a problem.

This is to tell you the immense benefit you’d be getting as a member of this community.
Hydraledger was founded to oppose any form of authoritarian centralism and its forced powers.

We believe that for us to bring decentralization to the four major pillars of every society, that is, finance, law, food, and building, we cannot defeat the existing system by fighting it. We’d simply create a better one by teaching people with the right tool and empowering them with technology.
Hydraledger puts you in gear for your digital life’s maximum benefit.

Hydraledger technology is also:

• Open-source and very easily accessible

• Equipped with internet stacks of varying protocols

• Has the best and latest cryptographic protections


Centralization has been the norm of the world for too long. And, it has recruited data theft, privacy infringement, and other digital and non-digital nefarious elements along with it. People have become scared of putting their trust in something that was developed to help them.

The Hydra Decentralized finance will create more advanced authorization and protection of personal information. It’s time we realize that the once-trusted third party is not so trustworthy anymore. Therefore, Hydraledger newly developed decentralized protocols, tools, will ensure secure identity verification of self-sovereign identity.