BC2IP: Secure Management and Protection of Intellectual Property using Blockchain Technology and Decentralized Identity Management


BC2IP, developed by IOP Global, is a revolutionary Blockchain LegalTech application designed to protect intellectual property (IP), ideas, and business processes. This platform leverages the strengths of Hydraledger´s technology to enable tamper-proof and legally secure digital processes. Moreover, BC2IP integrates Hydraledger´s Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (SSI) based on W3C standards for reliable identification, authentication, and authorization of digital identities. This comprehensive article illuminates the main functions of BC2IP, its benefits, and its applications in the modern business world.

Keywords: Blockchain, intellectual property, BC2IP, IOP Global, LegalTech, SSI, W3C standards, Hydraledger

Introduction /Theoretical part:

In an increasingly digitized world, protecting intellectual property, trade secrets, and confidential information is becoming increasingly important. Traditional methods of ensuring data security and integrity, however, often reach their limits, especially in the face of rapid technological progress and the increasing complexity of cyber-attacks. Blockchain technology, based on the principles of decentralization, transparency, and immutability, offers an innovative solution to these challenges. IOP Global has harnessed this technology to develop BC2IP, a robust platform for the protection and management of intellectual property.

Basic principles of blockchain technology and decentralized identities:

Blockchain technology was originally developed for Bitcoin, but its applications extend far beyond cryptocurrencies. In the blockchain, data is stored in blocks that are linked together. Each new block contains a hash (a kind of digital fingerprint) of the previous block, making manipulations extremely difficult. In addition, the blockchain is decentralized, meaning it is not controlled by a central authority or institution. This increases the security and transparency of the data.

Decentralized identities (DIDs) are another key aspect of BC2IP. With DIDs, users can maintain control over their identity data. They are not reliant on a central entity to verify their identity. Instead, they can verify their identity themselves using cryptographic keys.

Functionalities and areas of application of BC2IP:

The BC2IP platform integrates blockchain technology and decentralized identities to create a secure and reliable environment for managing intellectual property. It offers a wide range of features and possibilities far beyond mere data backup.

  • Blockchain timestamping:

One of the main features of BC2IP is blockchain timestamping. This allows users to create a proof of the existence of documents or other digital assets at a specific point in time. This timestamp is recorded in the blockchain and cannot be altered or manipulated. Thus, blockchain timestamping provides secure evidence for the existence and integrity of digital data.

  • Identity Access Management using DID:

BC2IP utilizes decentralized identities (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCs) for secure Identity Access Management (IAM). Each user, device, and project is assigned a unique DID, allowing secure and unique identification. Users have control over their data and can decide what information they want to disclose.

  • Data masking and audit/event logging:

BC2IP also offers data masking and audit/event logging features. These features enhance data security and enable precise tracking of all activities on the platform. They are particularly useful for businesses that need to meet strict compliance requirements.

  • Practical application:

The uses of BC2IP are varied. They range from managing intellectual property, and protecting trade secrets, to securely documenting contracts. Furthermore, BC2IP can also serve as a tool for collaboration and process management in digital work environments.


BC2IP is a groundbreaking LegalTech solution that leverages the benefits of blockchain technology and decentralized identities to provide secure and reliable intellectual property protection. It enables tamper-proof management and documentation of data and processes, making it a valuable tool for businesses across various industries. With features such as blockchain timestamping, Identity Access Management using DID, data masking, and audit/event logging, BC2IP is setting new standards in the LegalTech industry.

To learn more about BC2IP, how it can protect your intellectual property, and how it can fit into your business model, we invite you to visit the BC2IP website at: https://www.bc2ip.com/en/home-en/.

Here, you can find further information, request a demo, or contact the team for a detailed consultation. Start the journey towards secure and efficient intellectual property management today.

Keywords: BC2IP, IOP Global, Blockchain, Intellectual Property, LegalTech, Decentralized Identities, Data Privacy, Data Integrity, Compliance.